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Lisa's ambassadors

For a long time Lisa single handedly created, marketed and sold the products made under Lisa's Home fragrances name. 

As the market grew and demand increased tenfold, Lisa branched out. She created Lisa's ambassadors.

What is an ambassador

Lisa's ambassadors, as a job role, independent sales consultants working on behalf of Lisa's Home fragrances.

But to Lisa, her ambassadors are her wax family. Having good times, working together as a team and building lasting relationships amongst the team but also our customers.


What do ambassadors do?

Our ambassadors have the freedom to sell Lisa's products using a range of media. From face to face (when we're allowed) to Facebook, Instagram and more.

Our ambassadors have their own store links enabling them to track their sales as much as Lisa can.


Let's hear what one of Lisa's lovely ambassadors have to say about joining the team.

"Like so many others, in March this year I found myself furloughed, followed by redundancy as a direct result of Covid-19.


I spent a few months enjoying the time with my little boy, and in someways it rewarded me time that I didn’t have originally due to a short maternity leave.


I did however find myself bored and wanting a new opportunity that would focus my mind whilst complimenting my family life- that’s when I found Lisa’s home fragrances.


I’ve been an ambassador for other companies but never one like this. the support and friendships I have found since joining just blow me away.


Not only that but Lisa sees our achievements and rewards them. Never did I think that in one month I would have had almost £300 in home fragrance sales and have achieved top seller 2 weeks running.


The product Lisa creates rivals any others out there and has been a huge hit with my customer base and many have already returned for a second order in the matter of a couple of weeks!!


I honestly can not thank Lisa enough for allowing me to be a part of this amazing product and I can not wait to see where this journey takes both the business and myself as ambassador."


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