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We have been Featured in the local Paper!

We are in the Doncaster Free Press - (third appearance, second feature!)

We have recently completed an interview with the local paper, the doncaster free press. We have discussed a little about how covid has impacted us as a business and what we have done to overcome this. 

Ill share the link to the article at the end of this blog post.

Heres a little background information:


Overcoming the pandemic 

The covid experience has been a rollercoaster of emotions, rules, illness and more for the world, we have been in this together, fighting for survival however that may be. we are in it together, and overcoming it as a unit, a world class team!

For us as a business, pre-covid, we would predominantly attended summer and Christmas fayres to share our products and get our name out there. however when covid took over, we were left without an outlet to sell. 

what did we do?

we had to find a way to continue creating and selling our products, and we did everything we could, despite an interrupted supply chain and a shortage of wax,  we kept going. 

This lead us onto the Ambassador programme. 

The ambassador programme has been designed to connect people during a time we truly need the socialisation, but also to aid in taking the financial strain away from families who have been affected by the coronavirus. 


We offer ambassadors an array of benefits, that i don't really need to mention here as we have a whole post about what we can offer. This is what it doesn't say, the 'between the lines'.

Our team has come together, we share life stories, highs and lows. We share laughs but we also help each other grow. We work together, and you can always rely on one of the team being there whether its personal or professional, we have your back!

It isn't just about selling, its about finding yourself, creating yourself and blossoming- while earning via sharing the products you love. 

Its win win all round! 

I personally feel i have more connections now than i did pre-covid, i have more friends and we are all blooming as the year goes on. 

The business is blooming and were growing in physical size, and the range of products we offer regularly. 

We wanted to share that with you, our silver lining! 

Thank you for reading, and if you'd like to view the article the link is below, if you've an interest in joining the team, check out the tab at the bottom of the page.

from all at Lisa's, Happy Melting!


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