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Bubble Pop - tin of melts

Bubble Pop - tin of melts

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Bubble pop 

Summers spent with friends drinking small fizzy pops, there was always one friend who chose the bubble pop. Sweet notes of fruity bubbluegum flow through this fragrance with a popping hue. Sit back and reminisce of times gone by. 


Tins of micro 

We know some of you love your micro melts, whether it's because you've a smaller burner or your a bit of a fragrance enthusiast and mix them together. 

No matter the reason, our handy new tins of melts are perfect for your micro collections. Easy to open and access your melts whilst also looking sleek and stylish. You can keep topping up your tins too with our individual bags of micro melts.


Each tin comes with 25 highly scented micro melts. 

Soy wax 

Vegan friendly 

Reusable tub 

Eco friendly